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European Purpose Project Timeline

Project phases
Key Results
Phase 1 – Searching for the framework
Q4 2020
· Draft Statement of Principles
Phase 2 – Policy consultations
Q1 2021
▸ Consultations with policy experts and policymakers in the academia, tech industry, Commission, European Parliament and Council
Phase 3 – Public consultation
June-December 2021
▸ Founder’s summit and project endorsement
▸ Launch of press release and public consultation
▸ Open Statement of Principles to co-signers
▸ Request input
a. Code of conduct (including a playbook of best corporate practices)
b. Playbook of Best Regulatory Practices
Phase 4 – Launch of final version of European Purpose documents
Date to be announced
▸ Founders’ Summit
▸ Publishing of final targeted deliverables (European Platforms Code of Conduct and Playbook of Best Regulatory Practices)
▸ Formal announcement of co-signers
Phase 5 – Launch of policy recommendations
Date to be announced
▸ Booklet/Summary of Policy Recommendations to ongoing platform-relevant EU regulatory projects.